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Our Approach

We like to look at things differently

At Quorn® we like to look at things differently. We know that the growing global population needs a sustainable diet that is also healthy. That’s why we take a different approach when it comes to protein production, choosing to use Quorn’s mycoprotein, a nutritious protein source, that is a source of fibre, in all Quorn products. At Quorn our aim is to inspire people to eat healthy food with delicious and irresistible recipes, packed full of flavour and bursting with new taste experiences from around the world.

Learn more about how Quorn is made

Watch our video to learn more about how Quorn is made. We take a different approach to producing protein, using Quorn’s mycoprotein in all Quorn products, for the benefit of the planet.

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We're not just about healthy plates, but about a healthy planet too.

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We take a different approach to producing protein, that’s why all Quorn products are powered by Quorn’s mycoprotein.

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Constantly innovating to reduce plastic and improve recyclability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cooking with Quorn isn’t always the same as cooking with other foods. So here’s where you’ll find all the inspiration and tips about how to prepare, cook and store your favourite Quorn products and recipes. Have a look through our frequently asked questions section for simple and easy-to-follow tips.

How do I cook Quorn?

Are Quorn products healthy?

Can you reheat Quorn?

What is Quorn's mycoprotein?

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